Exclusive Peek: Top Monaco Restaurant Launching in NYC

New York City is a city of dreams for both individuals and restaurants alike. Rampoldi, the prestigious dining establishment from Monaco established in 1946, is set to make its grand entrance in New York City. This venture, led by chef Antonio Salvatore and operated by MC Hospitality Group (known for Casa Limone and Atlantic Grill), brings the flavors of “New Monegasque” cuisine to the American culinary scene.

Rampoldi’s New York location mirrors its European counterpart, offering classic dishes such as escargots, octopus carpaccio, bouillabaisse, and Dover sole à la Meunière. Additionally, the menu showcases inventive creations like crab ravioli with branzino, clams, garlic, parsley, and bottarga, as well as sea scallops paired with cauliflower puree, black truffles, and mushroom sauce. For those seeking ultimate indulgence, there’s the filet de boeuf “Rossini,” featuring Argentinian Angus beef in red wine sauce with black truffles and seared foie gras, served with truffle potato puree.

Chef Salvatore’s vision for Rampoldi New York is to offer a diverse menu, encouraging diners to explore new tastes with each visit. The restaurant aims to create a convivial atmosphere where guests share dishes, a departure from traditional fine dining establishments. The design of the New York location mirrors its Monaco counterpart, featuring custom Italian furniture, hand-cut Italian marble in rust hues, Murano glass chandeliers, and artwork inspired by the iconic Mona Lisa, infused with a New York twist paying homage to Grace Kelly, the American actress turned Princess of Monaco.

Rampoldi’s expansion into New York marks the potential beginning of a broader brand expansion, with London and Las Vegas among the potential future locations. Salvatore, who holds a Michelin star for his work in Monaco’s Rampoldi, cooks with a primary focus on his guests’ satisfaction and believes that a kind and humble heart is essential in creating beautiful culinary experiences. The success of Rampoldi in New York City will play a pivotal role in shaping its future expansion plans.

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