Duck Dynasty Stars’ New Movie Reveals Family’s Faith Origins

“Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson and his wife, Korie, recently discussed their new film, “The Blind,” which sheds light on the early struggles of Willie’s father, Phil Robertson, with alcoholism and how faith and family played a pivotal role in his transformation.

The movie, which is set in 1960s Louisiana, portrays Phil and Miss Kay’s journey from high school sweethearts to a family with several young children. However, Phil’s battle with alcoholism threatens his family and his life. The film doesn’t shy away from showcasing Phil’s lowest points, including a scene where his own sons find him in an almost “animalistic” and unrecognizable state.

The turning point in Phil’s life came when a pastor reached out to him, leading him to accept faith into his life. Korie emphasized Miss Kay’s crucial role in supporting Phil during his darkest times, describing her as a hero who forgave him when he turned his life around.

The film offers a candid look at the Robertson family’s history, including the challenges they faced during Phil’s struggles with alcoholism. Willie, who was around 2 years old during those tumultuous times, remembers their happiness and strong sense of togetherness. He also recalls how faith played a dominant role in their lives, with his father’s desire to help others with their faith.

“The Blind” gave the family an opportunity to reflect on their past and reveal previously unknown details, providing fresh insights, especially for Willie, who was quite young during those early years. Korie shared that even at a young age, Willie had a talent for making people laugh, helping his mother, Miss Kay, through tough times.

The Robertsons have been in the public eye since the debut of their reality series “Duck Dynasty” in 2012. The success of the show surprised many, as it initially wasn’t perceived as a comedy. However, it became a hit, and the Robertsons embarked on a journey to share their family story with a wider audience.

Their new film, “The Blind,” explores the serious side of their family’s journey through faith and love. The Robertsons emphasized the importance of telling their true story accurately and honoring their family’s legacy. The film is set to hit theaters on September 28.

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