700 Lobster Rolls a Day: Behind the Delicious Magic

Eventide Oyster Co. in Portland, Maine, is renowned for crafting one of the finest lobster rolls in the United States, particularly its brown-butter version, which adds a savory and sweet twist to this coastal classic. However, the journey from the ocean to your plate involves a substantial amount of effort and teamwork.

The initial step in creating a delectable lobster roll is the sourcing of lobsters, and this is where Ready Seafood plays a pivotal role. This company processes an astonishing 500,000 to 600,000 pounds of lobster on a weekly basis, according to marine biologist and fisherman Curt Brown. The lobsters are primarily caught off the coast of Cape Elizabeth and then transported to a processing facility.

Once at the processing facility, the lobsters undergo a series of steps where they are broken down into various parts, including tails, claws, bodies, and more. While lobster tails and claws are the most recognizable parts, other portions of the lobster are equally valuable. For instance, the fishery transforms lobster bodies and legs into minced lobster, a versatile ingredient used in dishes such as ravioli, arancini, and egg rolls. Ready Seafood is even exploring ways to utilize the valuable minerals present in lobster shells.

Despite these modern culinary applications, traditional uses of lobster are still highly appreciated. Ready Seafood collaborates with restaurants in Maine and takes pride in supporting chefs’ creativity. For instance, Eventide Oyster Co. takes the lobster meat, poaches it, and then coats it in a rich brown-butter sauce infused with a touch of salt and lemon juice. This flavorful lobster mixture is nestled inside a homemade bao bun and garnished with chives. Chef de cuisine Jared Leaman-Farley at Eventide orchestrates this lobster roll symphony, and the restaurant sells around 700 of them each day during the summer season.

For Curt Brown, who’s deeply connected to the lobster industry, the hard work of lobster fishing is a labor of love. He cherishes the opportunity to be out on the water, harvesting lobsters, so that people can relish culinary delights like those served at Eventide: “One of the things I love most about being on this planet is being able to untie my boat and harvest lobsters.”

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