Parisian Bakers Transform Donuts into High-Fashion Delights

Momzi, a high-end gourmet donut shop in Paris, takes a unique approach to its presentation and offerings. Located in the 2nd arrondissement, it stands out with its minimalist black façade and sparsely decorated interior. This unconventional design choice is intentional, meant to pique curiosity and create an aura of exclusivity.

The concept at Momzi revolves around transforming the humble American donut into a luxurious pastry fit for Paris’s discerning clientele. These artisanal donuts are created with meticulous attention to detail, featuring flavors and textures that rival traditional French pâtisseries. For instance, you’ll find brioche donuts adorned with paper-thin fig slices and nigella seeds or topped with delicate pecan shavings, resembling the softness of freshly fallen snow.

Paris has seen a growing trend of gourmet donut shops in recent years. Nonette Banh Mi and Donuts offers unique flavors like pork floss, durian, and soya ondeh. Ponpon Café introduced mochi donuts with gourmet options such as pink ruby chocolate and crème brulée. French Donuts offers a French twist with flavors like Paris Brest and Café Liégois, while Besties Bakery and Mamiche bring their own creative flair to the donut scene.

Amanda Bankert of Boneshaker is considered a trailblazer in introducing donuts to Paris. Despite initial skepticism from French banks and locals about the viability of donuts in the city, she persisted and established Boneshaker as a reputable donut shop. Over the years, the popularity of donuts has grown in Paris, with even Krispy Kreme planning to open its first shop in the city.

Momzi, headed by American-born chef Raamin Samiyi, is known for its unique frying method using organic coconut oil. Samiyi’s multicultural background, including a background in pharmacology, influences his approach to crafting donuts with balanced flavors and less sugar. The boutique’s design, overseen by business partner Thomas Bellego, mimics luxury fashion boutiques, showcasing only six donuts at a time for an exclusive feel.

In just a year, Momzi has gained recognition through luxury collaborations with top fashion brands and features in renowned publications. It has become a sought-after destination in Paris, attracting attention from international food media and inquiries about potential U.S. expansion plans.

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