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The Wokeness Wars Have Had a Huge Effect on American Sports

The Grind:
New Yahoo polling reveals that more than a third of Americans have changed their sports viewing practices in response to the growing association between major American sports leagues and social justice-left wing politics.

45.5% of Americans overall have changed their sports following the second half of 2020, which saw the NBA, NFL, and MLB overtly promote the Black Lives Matter street terror movement. Of those, 34% are watching less sports, with only 11% opting to watch more. The Yahoo poll querying sports following questioned 1,606 Americans in late March. Poll respondents were asked “How has the discussion of politics in sports on social media impacted your viewing habits?”

Men were also much more likely to turn off the sports compared to women.

The Details:
The decline is most precipitous among Republicans, with 53% of them deciding to watch less wokeball. Sports ratings have declined in turn, with leagues struggling to keep advertising and ticket revenue without dialing back the woke onslaught they’ve subjected their audiences to.

Sports used to be one of the few cultural institutions with an ability to unite the citizens of America, if only for a few hours on a Sunday. Now it appears such a capacity is out the weekend, with professional sports firmly ensconced in the grasp of Orwellian cultural liberalism.

There’s no real benefit to merely being a spectator in a woke athletic spectacle in which overpaid millionaires slight the common man. Conservatives should pursue strengthening their own bodies, not watching someone else run up and down the court. Read more…

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