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The Shocking Truth About Hillary’s Betrayal of America

Goes Down Smooth

The Grind:

A report by John Durham revealed that Hillary Clinton approved a plan to falsely tie Donald Trump to Russia in order to distract from her use of a private email server. This plan was aimed at misleading the public and was created in light of a preservation order to keep her emails secure. Despite Clinton’s lies, the FBI still went after Trump and covered up her lies. The CIA, DOJ, President Barack Obama, and Joe Biden all knew she lied, but they continued to support her.

This political depravity points to a “just us” justice system where members of one political party are treated differently from another. Durham found that Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, and national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, told the Special Counsel they knew nothing of the plan to distract from her email scandal. But their protestations were found to be ridiculous.

The Detials:

Fusion GPS, a research and strategic intelligence firm, was used to help spread the fake news about Trump. Emails showed that the firm and their compliant fellow travellers in the media, including The Wall Street Journal news reporters and Reuters, helped seed the story. Although no one has yet been held responsible for this lying, Hillary Clinton should be held accountable, and pay for the 939 days that Durham spent retracing the corrupt FBI’s steps.

Clinton Foundation took in $111,959,695 in just the years 2017, 2018, and 2019 after she lost the presidential election. Therefore, she is more than able to pay for her lies that have corroded the depths of the “intelligence community”, especially the FBI, and the body politic as a whole. Hillary Clinton and her millions in shakedown dollars from the Clinton Foundation should be penalized for the damage caused.

None of these privileged Washington elites will be going to the D.C. Gulag with the January 6 protestors. None of them has apologized to the American people or Donald Trump for putting them through this roiling cauldron of chaos. The Mueller Special Counsel investigation cost American taxpayers $32 million, while the Durham investigation has spent $6,556,507 through September 2022.

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