Arnold’s Bold Challenge: Conan O’Brien’s SNL Movie Dream

Arnold Schwarzenegger is enthusiastic about the idea of a Hans and Franz movie, inspired by the iconic Saturday Night Live characters portrayed by Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon. During an upcoming episode of the Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend podcast, Schwarzenegger not only encourages O’Brien to pursue the scrapped film but also expresses his genuine enjoyment of a recent episode where O’Brien and his team read lines from the unproduced screenplay. Schwarzenegger found it exceptionally funny and praises the writing, hoping that the movie eventually comes to fruition.

Hans and Franz, the Austrian bodybuilder brothers and supposed cousins of Schwarzenegger, first appeared on SNL during season 13. They featured in the recurring sketch “Pumping Up With Hans & Franz,” where they taunted viewers and guests as “flappy, pathetic losers.” The characters were inspired by a Schwarzenegger TV interview discussing his exercise methods. Schwarzenegger himself made cameo appearances in Hans and Franz sketches and expressed interest in co-producing and starring in the film adaptation, titled Hans and Franz: The Girlyman Dilemma.

Conan O’Brien, a former SNL writer, revealed that the initial plan was to write a cameo role for Schwarzenegger, but upon revisiting the script, they realized he had a significant presence in it, making him a central figure in the project. However, the film’s development was hindered by scheduling conflicts, as Schwarzenegger was committed to multiple film projects at the time. Despite the past setbacks, the prospect of a Hans and Franz movie continues to pique interest, leaving fans hopeful for its eventual realization.

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