What on Earth is Trump Doing in Pennsylvania?


The Grind:
When will this country be done with this clown show? And when will Republican voters absorb that crying “fraud” is what Trump does reflexively whenever he or his proxy loses a close election, irrespective of the circumstances?

The Details:
He did it after Ted Cruz beat him in the 2016 Iowa caucus and he’s doing it today as his candidate, Mehmet Oz, leads by a hair in Pennsylvania. He didn’t screech about a stolen election in 2020 because the evidence of fraud was compelling. He did it because screeching about unfairness when he loses a popularity candidate is how he copes with the embarrassment of defeat, nothing more or less.

The 2020 version of “stop the steal” has a gigantic following on the right because Republicans are eager to believe that Democrats are capable of anything, including rigging a national election. The 2016 version didn’t do as well because they’re less eager to believe that Cruz and his “constitutional conservative” fan base were similarly ruthless. Accusing Oz’s opponent, Republican Dave McCormick, of potentially trying to cheat in Pennsylvania resembles 2016 more so than 2020. Except this time Trump risks alienating some of his own fans if he keeps it up. Read more…

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