Unexpected Twist! Iceland’s Moss Restaurant’s Star Ingredient Shocks Gourmets

Perched in the captivating Icelandic landscape of Grindavík, Moss, the recently awarded Michelin-starred restaurant, presents a captivating dining experience. The establishment, situated within the Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland, boasts an ever-changing seven-course tasting menu that showcases ingredients unique to the region. The culinary adventure might feature locally harvested sea urchin, pungent Icelandic wasabi cultivated in advanced greenhouses, and exceptionally fresh lamb. However, it’s the homemade signature butter that often steals the show.

Crafted in-house since the restaurant’s inception in 2018, the signature butter is a fusion of skyr, an Icelandic version of yogurt, and soft butter, finished with a delicate touch of Atlantic dulse seaweed and sea salt. Both the butter and skyr are derived from locally sourced milk, a reflection of the commitment to supporting local farmers. The concept for the butter was inspired by the rich tradition of Icelandic skyr, while the addition of dulse pays homage to Grindavik, the fishing town where the iconic Blue Lagoon is nestled.

The culinary artisans at Moss also incorporate on-site-produced sea salt, a truly exceptional element cultivated from geothermal seawater that resides 2000 meters below the Earth’s surface. This extraordinary salt, known for its exceptional purity, infuses an unparalleled essence into the butter. Served atop a smooth black rock, the ethereal butter is presented alongside an array of housemade bread, including dark sourdough and soft potato caraway, as well as crispy cod skin dusted with caper powder, sourced sustainably from the nearby harbor.

While butter has long been a dietary staple in Iceland due to the presence of grass-fed cows and its nutritional benefits, Moss’ distinctive approach to blending skyr and other local elements into butter is an innovative culinary revelation. While the restaurant’s recipe is open for home replication—simply meld butter, skyr, and other ingredients—it’s the overall ambiance and unique ingredients that make dining at Moss an exclusive experience, surrounded by the otherworldly beauty of the Blue Lagoon.

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