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The Insane Reality of the Immigration Invasion

We Aren't Above Sweetening Things Up Sometimes...

The Grind:
According to a New York Times report, total immigration to the United States, if it’s not slashed, is projected to grow the country’s foreign-born proportion of the population to records that were only witnessed during the Gilded Age.

The Details:
John Binder of Breitbart News reported that “In 1890, the foreign-born share of the U.S. population stood at a record 14.8 percent.”

Per the Times, America’s present legal and illegal immigration levels – with over 1.5 million legal immigrants and hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens arriving annually – are projected to mirror and potentially exceed the 1890 record high…

Stated another way, foreign-born residents could begin to account for 3 in 20 of all U.S. residents. Already, the nation’s foreign-born population continues to hit historic highs, now standing at 46.2 million. Compare that figure to 1970, when the foreign-born population was just 9.6 million. Read more…

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