Shocking Deal: HGTV Sells Brady Bunch House for a Steal

The famous house from “The Brady Bunch” has undergone a five-year renovation to faithfully replicate its interior set, and it has recently changed hands, though at a substantially lower price than initially sought. HGTV, which featured the home in its 2019 series “A Very Brady Renovation,” where hosts Drew and Jonathan Scott worked alongside the original Brady Bunch cast to recreate the show’s interior, has sold the five-bedroom, five-bathroom property located in Los Angeles’ North Hollywood for $3.2 million. This price is notably lower than the original $5.5 million asking price and even falls short of HGTV’s $3.5 million purchase price, indicating a significant financial loss for the network.

The listing agent, Compass’ Danny Brown, explained that this property was unique and difficult to appraise accurately due to its specialized nature. He noted that it wasn’t a typical residential property, and potential investors were mindful of the nuanced and restrictive laws surrounding Airbnb rentals. Therefore, the final sale price was estimated to be between $3 million and $3.5 million. HGTV originally listed it for $5.5 million, reflecting the considerable amount spent on the purchase and renovation. Importantly, the sale did not include any intellectual property rights related to the Brady Bunch franchise.

HGTV’s acquisition of the Brady Bunch house in 2018 famously outbid NSYNC member Lance Bass, a devoted fan of the show. Subsequently, HGTV invested approximately $1.9 million in renovations, increasing the property’s footprint by 2,000 square feet and adding a full second story. The result is an exact replica of the ’70s sitcom’s main location, complete with iconic features like the floating staircase, the retro kitchen, the kids’ Jack-n-Jill bathroom, and a backyard equipped with classic play structures like a swing set, teeter-totter, and Tiger’s doghouse.

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