Sheep Outnumber People? Discover the World’s Epic Whiskey Dream

The Faroe Islands, a remote country in the North Atlantic with breathtaking landscapes, is gaining attention for its new venture into the world of whiskey distillation. Faer Isles Distillery, established in 2018, aims to create a single malt whiskey that can rival the quality of its Scottish counterparts. The distillery’s founders recognized the unique environmental conditions of the Faroe Islands, including consistent air pressure, high salinity, and high humidity, which they believe could contribute to excellent whiskey production.

Situated in Vestmanna, not far from the capital Torshavn, Faer Isles Distillery operates on a small scale, emphasizing the creation of a locally distinct whiskey. The Faroe Islands’ history with alcohol prohibition delayed the emergence of whiskey production until the 21st century. Despite this, the distillery’s founders and supporters have strong confidence in their ability to produce exceptional spirits. Much of the project’s funding came from crowdsourcing, with contributions from GoFundMe.

The distillery employs a unique aging process influenced by a local culinary tradition called Ræest. This process involves exposing meats to the salty ocean air for preservation. Faer Isles hopes to impart a maritime flavor to their whiskey by aging the barrels in this manner, with the cold Atlantic air enhancing the aging process. Although the whiskey needs a few more years to mature, the distillery offers guided tours, allowing visitors to witness the production and sample their dry gin and vodka, both distilled with locally sourced seaweed and freshwater.

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