Secret Sushi Heaven! Unbelievable NYC Hotspot Inside Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue New York has ventured into a novel fusion of gastronomy and shopping, launching Hoseki, a discreet six-seat sushi counter within its Manhattan flagship store. Nestled below ground level on the fine jewelry floor aptly named The Vault, Hoseki, which translates to “jewel” in Japanese, adds a touch of luxury to department store dining. The endeavor is the brainchild of restaurateur Maxwell Weiss and chef Daniel Kim, who together pioneered the in-home omakase service Ten Homakase during the pandemic. Hoseki, accessible through a velvet curtain, offers one-hour omakase seatings with a sumptuous spread of 12 courses.

This sushi sanctuary is exclusively open during lunch hours, providing an exquisite escape for shoppers and midtown visitors alike. The counter, a harmonious blend of minimalist design and Japanese aesthetics, showcases Chef Kim’s artistry as he expertly crafts each piece of sushi. From Hokkaido uni to ocean trout and scallops, the parade of seafood delicacies is presented on understated ceramics, allowing the natural allure of the dishes to shine. The omakase journey culminates in a handroll, featuring choices like toro with taku and chives, ocean trout and truffle, or amberjack and shishito. Enthusiasts can further enhance their handrolls with indulgent upgrades like caviar.

While Hoseki awaits its liquor license, its drinks menu is intriguing, featuring a diverse range of beverages such as Japanese teas, juices, sodas, and kombucha. The restaurant’s thoughtful design, characterized by jewel-toned velvet seats and a green tiled backsplash, mirrors the elegance of its surroundings within The Vault. Though open from Wednesday to Saturday between 12 noon and 4 pm, securing one of the mere four daily seatings might prove as challenging as deciding which of the culinary gems to indulge in while admiring the sparkling jewelry.

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