Mind-Blowing Whiskey Shift! WhistlePig Stuns with Debut of Wheat Whiskey

WhistlePig, a renowned Vermont farm and distillery recognized for its premium rye whiskeys sourced from Canada and Indiana, has gained prominence for its FarmStock label, which features whiskeys produced on-site. Among its offerings is the Beyond Bonded series, characterized by a slight tweak and a new addition in its latest batch.

Initially introduced in 2021, the Beyond Bonded expressions encompassed a bourbon and a rye, exclusively crafted in Vermont from grain to bottle. However, there was a noteworthy quirk: the bottled-in-bond designation stipulates specific criteria such as being made at one distillery within a single distilling season, aging for at least four years, and being bottled at 100 proof. The term “Beyond Bonded” seemed to play on this concept, as the whiskey was bottled at 100.1 proof, a detail that was perceived by some as an unnecessary and potentially misleading marketing tactic. The latest release has recalibrated the proof back to an exact 100, making the whiskey more authentically bonded, as it adheres to the legal specifications.

This new batch comprises 23 barrels, distinguishing itself with an innovative twist. For the first time, WhistlePig included three barrels of straight wheat whiskey, crafted from a 100 percent wheat mashbill. Additionally, the batch contains 11 barrels of rye whiskey made entirely from a 100 percent rye mashbill and nine barrels of bourbon made with a high-rye mashbill of 51 percent corn and 49 percent rye. WhistlePig emphasizes the meticulous attention to detail, offering extensive information about each release, including fill dates, char levels, grain varieties, and even soil chemistry. The series is emblematic of the distillery’s commitment to experimentation and quality, allowing them to craft distinctive and complex whiskeys.

The Beyond Bonded whiskeys are currently exclusive to Vermont and can be found at the distillery, the Quechee tasting room, as well as select bars, restaurants, and stores throughout the summer. For those outside Vermont, previous Beyond Bonded releases are available for purchase through online platforms like Caskers and Total Wine.

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