Mind-Blowing Apizza Experience Now in New York City! Must-Try

A decade-long journey from hobby to professional pursuit has led Lauren and Joe Grimm to establish a flourishing enterprise that merges brewing, winemaking, and even crafting gourmet pizza. The couple, both of whom share a background in art, met during their schooling in Providence, Rhode Island. With MFAs from The Art Institute of Chicago, they embarked on a unique path, transforming their creative inclinations into a successful venture.

Grimm Artisanal Ales, originally a nomadic brewing project, evolved into a prominent brewery and taproom in Brooklyn. Specializing in hoppy beers and sours, the establishment was honored as New York State Brewery of the Year in 2021 and 2022. Adding to their repertoire, the couple launched Physica Wines in the same location. Soon after, they extended their creative endeavors to crafting pizzas.

Lala’s Brooklyn Apizza, named after Lauren’s childhood nickname, found its home in the brewery’s upstairs bar. The pizzeria embraces the distinctive New Haven-style pizza, pronounced “ah-BEETZ,” characterized by its thin crust and unique toppings. The Grimms’ rendition combines this style with elements from pizza romana, resulting in a thin and innovative crust that diverges from traditional norms.

Utilizing their experience with brewing, the Grimms incorporate brewer’s malted wheat and a sourdough culture into the pizza dough, which undergoes a 24-hour process. The pizzeria showcases a creative array of toppings, including a white clam pizza and the cult favorite “The Cozy Pie” featuring mashed potatoes and bacon.

While their journey continues to evolve, the couple remains committed to refining their culinary and winemaking skills. The inventive blend of artistry and gastronomy has positioned Lauren and Joe Grimm as connoisseurs of both creativity and flavor.

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