James Carville Says Dems Should Give Up on Florida

The Grind:

One reality the midterm elections made clear is that Florida is no longer purple. From Gov. Ron DeSantis’s landslide victory on down, Republicans dominated on Tuesday. The landscape is now so bleak for the Left going forward that longtime Democrat strategist James Carville advised his party to look to potentially greener pastures.

“It’s not as many electoral votes, but I think Democrats might be better off looking harder at Mississippi than Florida,” he told MSNBC’s Joy Reid on Thursday.

The Details:

Mississippi has six electoral votes in the Electoral College compared to Florida, which now boasts 30 after gaining a vote from the 2020 Census results, according to NPR.

Carville said the Democratic Party could have better luck engaging black voters in Louisiana as well to try to turn both those states.

JAMES CARVILLE: The Louisiana state [Democratic] Party has had a very difficult time in the last year, I’ll leave it at that.

You have to understand, Louisiana has about 33% black total population. It’s very rare, if we could get the black contribution to 33 (that never happens, or seldom happens) we’d be in a lot better position. A state that interests me a lot is Mississippi which is 37, maybe 38% black, it only votes 30. If you got your staff from 30 to 38, that’s a lot of votes. Read more…

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