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Is Iowa Becoming the ‘Florida of the North’?

The Grind:

The state of Iowa was thought at one time to be a “purple” state — a tossup in presidential elections and a split congressional delegation. But that’s not true today. Iowa is a deep red state with a Republican governor, secretary of state, attorney general, and both chambers of the state legislature as well as both Senators and all four House reps.

This hasn’t sat well with the left. Biden said the state was “unrepresentative” of the Democratic Party and yanked Iowa’s first-in-the-nation nominating caucus, giving it to South Carolina and rewarding his old buddy, Rep. Jim Clyburn.

The Details:

Now the Washington Post has jumped into the argument with both feet, calling Iowa the “Florida of the North” for Gov. Kim Reynolds’ emphasis on LGBTQ issues.

“Republicans in the Iowa legislature, empowered by the state’s recent ‘red wave,’ have embarked on an ambitious new agenda that includes a costly school choice bill and legislation targeting the LGBTQ community, a historic divergence from Iowa’s history as a civil rights bastion,” Washington Post reporter Annie Gowen wrote.

“A joke among statehouse reporters is that Iowa is becoming the ‘Florida of the North’ — without the beaches,” she added.

Gov. Reynolds and Republicans in the legislature passed the most revolutionary school choice bill in the nation. To deal with some of the objections made by public school advocates, the bill would give $1,200 to a school district for every child who leaves to attend a private school. Eventually, about 10% of Iowa’s students will decide to attend private schools at state expense. Read more…

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