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Is Biden Throwing Us Into World War III?

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The Grind:

Thanks to the Globalist American Empire’s ineffective, inflexible diplomacy, an avoidable solvable crisis in Ukraine has spiraled into a major land war…

The Details:

Back in January, Revolver warned that the implacable, no-negotiations attitude of the US and its allies was creating conditions for war in Ukraine. Such a war could be an existential danger to the planet:

And yet, while America looks away, the ruling class inches us dangerously closer to war. Russia is reportedly massing tens of thousands of troops along Ukraine’s border, and even deploying some in Belarus. America is shipping hundreds of millions of dollars in weapons to Kyiv’s government in response. There is talk of a Russian invasion, which Washington might counter by backing a violent insurgency, which would invite retaliation, and so forth, until America is on the edge of nuclear war over an impoverished country four thousand miles away…

Since then, events have only proven our analysis correct. Drunk on the same sense of self-righteousness that encouraged war in the first place, GAE public figures are advocating “tough” policies that will invite further escalation and potentially turn a regional war into the worst disaster in human history. Read more…

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