Instagram Breaks Itself Before Halloween to Prevent Election Disinformation, or Something

The Grind:
Instagrammers are gonna be upset.

Tomorrow is Halloween 2020. Parts of the country are still shut down and even where things are more open, governments are giving advice on how not to catch the ‘rona while you and your kids wander about the neighborhood on the one day when it’s acceptable to beg for free stuff.

Well, unless you’re a Bernie Bro or AOC acolyte. Begging for free stuff is all they do 24/7. They want your stuff while they keep all their stuff. And they want you to be ashamed about wanting to keep your own stuff.

The Details:
For the rest of us, Halloween is that day we can go to the neighbors and get free candy, but it’s 2020 so in a lot of places we can’t. Here’s Houston’s Halloween guidance.

Isn’t Halloween supposed to be scary? Anyway. Look at that first block on the left. “Virtual costume contest.” How will people do that?

We still want to dress up as something scary, sexy, or just weird even if we can’t take the costume out for a spin. Many millions probably planned to use Instagram and a #halloween2020 hashtag to virtually party for All Hallow’s Eve. Read more…

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