Hollywood’s Soccer Obsession! Tom Brady and More Invest Big Bucks

Recent news revealed that Tom Brady has taken on a minority ownership role in the English soccer club Birmingham City. However, Brady is not the only celebrity venturing into the realm of soccer team ownership. According to The Wall Street Journal, celebrities from various domains, including athletes and actors, are showing interest in investing in soccer clubs as a means to boost the value of lower-tier clubs and enhance their own personal brands.

Celebrities view soccer as an appealing opportunity due to its global popularity and potential for significant asset appreciation and revenue generation, particularly in the top leagues across European countries. Jordan Gardner, an American soccer investor involved with F.C. Helsingør in Denmark, emphasized the substantial financial potential that soccer investments offer, especially in prominent European leagues.

Tom Brady joins a roster of A-listers who have thrown their support behind European soccer teams. This includes J.J. and Kealia Watt investing in Burnley Football Club, LeBron James holding a minority stake in Liverpool F.C., and Michael B. Jordan supporting A.F.C. Bournemouth. Some celebrities also focus on stateside clubs, such as Will Ferrell, Mia Hamm, and Magic Johnson owning a share of Los Angeles F.C., and Natalie Portman’s group launching Angel City F.C. in 2020.

While these celebrity investors may not see immediate substantial returns, their motivation often lies beyond short-term profits. These investments are perceived as long-term assets, with the anticipation that the value of these clubs will increase over time. Having renowned figures associated with soccer teams undoubtedly contributes to the clubs’ allure and reputation, enhancing their overall appeal.

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