Exquisite Bahamas Escape! Peek Inside Michelin Chef’s Stunning New Restaurant

The culinary world’s fascination with Michelin-starred chefs has led many to embark on gastronomic journeys to renowned establishments. Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas has further solidified its status as a gourmet destination with the introduction of Michael White’s Paranza, marking the resort’s third restaurant under the Michelin-starred banner.

Paranza, translating to “small fishing boat” in Italian, serves as a platform for Michael White to continue his culinary explorations, honed through his experiences at venues like Ai Fiori and Marea. The restaurant’s menu is a symphony of coastal Italian flavors, beautifully weaving seafood and pasta into dishes that harmonize with the island ambiance.

White’s sentiment regarding the significance of Paranza’s debut at Atlantis Paradise Island echoes through his words: “Paranza at Atlantis Paradise Island is the most important opening in my culinary career since Marea… an opportunity of a lifetime.”

The dining experience commences with lighter options such as crudo and antipasti. Delicacies like amberjack paired with citrus and basil or langoustine adorned with fennel and caviar set the stage for a sumptuous journey. Pasta aficionados can relish linguine featuring squid ink, while a brioche-crusted strawberry grouper caters to those seeking heartier fare. The restaurant’s ambiance, masterfully crafted by Jeffrey Beers International, transports guests to White’s Italian-inspired vision while connecting them to the Bahamian surroundings. Blue glass elements evoke the region’s crystalline waters, brass light fixtures mimic seashells, and a custom wine wall houses an extensive selection of reds. With an outdoor patio boasting views of the Atlantis Royal Towers, the dining experience at Paranza becomes an exquisite blend of flavors and atmospheres, offering patrons the chance to momentarily transcend reality and savor an Italian-inspired escapade.

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