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Eric Swalwell Wants to Ban Fox News From the Military

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The Grind:

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif) wants to ban conservative news from being broadcast to U.S. troops but says networks such as CNN and MSNBC are acceptable forms of information.

During an interview on MSNBC, host Katie Phang expressed several concerns about the ongoing Dominion voting system lawsuit against Fox News, asking if Congress should get involved.

The Details:

“Have there been any discussions in Congress about congressional oversight, regulations, and the FCC getting involved? Phang asked. “I know we all respect the First Amendment, Congressman, but should there be some type of gatekeeping that happens so that this doesn’t happen again?”

In response, Swalwell suggested banning Fox News from the military bases may be in the cards. However, he did acknowledge the idea might not go over well since the network is popular among service members.

“Nothing makes them feel more like home than their access to American television programming,” Swalwell said. “I don’t want to get in the business of telling troops what they can and cannot watch. But, if you have a news station that a court is going to rule is, in its evening hour, you know, perpetuating dis- and misinformation, I don’t know if I disagree with VoteVets, who was saying that we need to take a look at, you know, how this is being broadcast to our troops.” Read more…

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