Culinary Sensation Alert! Elcielo’s Michelin Magic Arrives in Miami

Elcielo, a Colombian restaurant that has already been awarded a Michelin star for its Miami and Washington, D.C. locations, is expanding its reach by opening a second restaurant in Miami’s SLS South Beach. Led by chef Juan Manuel Barrientos Valencia, also known as “Juanma,” this new outpost will introduce an à la carte menu as an alternative to the tasting menu offered at the first Miami location. The SLS South Beach’s ambiance is expected to provide an ideal setting for Elcielo’s expansion, known for its opulent style and exceptional dining experience.

The menu at the new Elcielo will feature a mix of classic dishes and items unique to the SLS South Beach venue. Guests can indulge in delicacies like truffle buñuelos paired with torched foie gras, Caribbean-spiced crab empanadas, guava BBQ pork ribs served with smoked vegetable rice, and passionfruit milk-infused ceviche. Roasted quail stuffed with mushrooms and guanciale will also be available, along with the visually captivating “Tree of Life,” a cassava, cheese, and basil creation from the original location’s tasting menu. The traditional Colombian dessert merengón, made with the spirit Aguardiente, offers a sweet ending to the culinary experience.

Elcielo originally started in Colombia, with locations in Medellín and Bogotá. The Miami location, established in 2015, gained a Michelin star in Florida’s inaugural Michelin Guide in 2022 and maintained the recognition in subsequent years. The Washington, D.C. location, opened in 2020, secured a Michelin star in 2021, marking it as the first Colombian restaurant abroad to receive this prestigious accolade. The partnership between Elcielo and SLS South Beach aims to create unforgettable dining moments for their discerning guests, even without the signature “Chocotherapy” experience.

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