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Biden Sees Poor Approval on Key Issues Upon Ukraine Visit

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The Grind:

President Joe Biden’s approval ratings are suffering at home as he travels to Ukraine for an unexpected trip, a recent Harvard Caps/Harris poll revealed.

The survey found Biden’s overall approval underwater, as 42 percent approve of the president compared to a majority, 55 percent, who disapprove.

The Details:

His approval on specific issues also falls below a majority on all but one issue — the Chinese Coronavirus. Half approve of his handling of that topic.

However, the 80-year-old president fares far worse on issues such as the economy (39 percent approve), immigration (38 percent approve), and handling inflation (38 percent approve).

Further, less than half, 48 percent, approve of Biden “stimulating jobs,” while just 44 percent approve of his handling of “fighting terrorism.”

Forty-two percent approve of his administering the government, and 39 percent approve of his dealing with violence and crime in the country. Read more…

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