Biden Could Alter Big Tech’s Section 230 Protections, Reinstate ‘Net Neutrality’

The Grind:
The list of challenges facing President-elect Joe Biden on Day One includes addressing concerns about Big Tech that have seen a crescendo, as massive firms that profit from user data wield increasing power over how Americans communicate with each other.

While President Trump and Republican lawmakers have criticized tech and social platforms for what they consider censorship of conservative views, Democrats argue that the platforms are failing to adequately police hate speech and violent content.

The Details:
They agree, however, on one method of resolving those issues. Both Republicans and Democrats – including Biden – have called for revoking Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act, which offers liability protections to Internet platforms that allow third-party users to post content on their websites.

Republicans also argue that users should have the power to contest account suspensions and removals of posts, and that platforms should be held liable in cases when censorship is not justifiable or in “good faith,” as the law states.

The president-elect believes Internet platforms should be held liable when users post false or hateful information that could lead to harm. A Thursday report in The New York Times emphasized Biden’s position on revoking 230. Read more…

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